Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why??? Vol. 2

I think it’s only fitting that I continue with the second installment of this series about one year after I started it.

Nevertheless, I present to you.

Why??? Vol. 2

1. Why are you not wearing shoes??

no shoesGuy, when I saw you in Psych class last week without any shoes on, I thought maybe it was a fluke and you forgot to put on your shoes. But then I saw you today, again with no shoes. Where are your shoes???

2. Why did I only tonight figure out I can send text messages by typing the name, not looking up the number?

decoy Phone, I’ve had you for a year now. But I’ve only now discovered by setting it to “abc” mode, I can start typing the person’s name in the screen to send them a text. Just figured this out, tonight.  Whyyy??

3. Mother Nature, why must you tease me so?

meal plans Nature, It was so nice and hot on Dutchmen Day, why has it not been warmer than 60 degrees since?!?!? Whyyyyy??

4. Speaking of this picture…

meal plans full

Student Affairs, WHY in the world would this picture of us end up on the cover of the new meal plan packet?? (The one that’s distributed to every student on campus. Yeah, that one.) Just wonderin.

For the comments: Can you help me answer any of these questions? Or do you have any questions of your own?


Stephanie said...

You know... at my school a lot of guys walk around barefoot too... I've tried to figure out the answer and then I realized... I don't think there's one :P

Vanessa said...

Maybe they are doing the "walk barefoot for a day in support of tom's shoes and people who don't have shoes" but decide to take part in it every day?

Or maybe someone stole them, a la Luna from HP and he doesn't have shoes?

I think it is hilarious they put your pic on that packet! It's because y'all are beautiful, obvi! <3