Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 1st birthday, blog!

bday cake better You’re special. And because you’re special, I gift you a new header. 

Happy Birthday!

For the comments: To commemorate Bloggy’s first birthday, tell me what your favorite post has been!


Brent said...

Congratulations!!favorite post is all of them.

Anonymous said...

aw. you guys are cutes.

my favorite is anything from London PLUS the dutchmen day one where you point out the placement of sean's head on my chest with a link to my blog.
win. score one for The Girls.

I don't even know when my blog-birthday is. Sometime in May, I think, that's when I started my countdown.

happy blogger birthday! When your blog turns 21 I'll buy it a drink :)

personalized birthday gifts said...

so delicious cake! Great job.

Vanessa said...

Happy 1 year!