Thursday, April 30, 2009

I don't think I'm going to Mexico anymore...

So here's the deal. My g-ma, being the cool g-ma she is, treats me and my cousin's family to vacations upon graduations. These trips are really fun. Take for instance...

Canoeing in Hawaii
This was pretty cool. Or...

Diana forcing me to snorkel in Hawaii.
She thought it was funny.

Our family has a lot of fun on vacations together.

Take this, for instance.
Yeah, it looks a little like (wizard) angst, but whatevs.

We banana boat, as a family.
Until Diana pushes everyone off.

We punch each other, out of love.
Or maybe because my cousin hates me?

The moral of the story is, we have fun on vacations. My fam goes, Diana's fam goes, and of course Grandma and her Ed. The time came for Diana to graduate and pick where we'd vaca this year. She picked Mexico; she loves to speak Spanish and has some friends there and it's legal to drink there. So we planned way back last year that we were going to go June 2009.

It's April 2009. Mexico is sick. With swine flu.

Don't go to Mexico.

I don't think we're going to Mexico anymore.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glasses Smashedes

I really like posting in this blog. Which means I'm just finding ridiculous reasons to post. Like...about sunglasses. So here you go.

1. Old Glasses
So I had these glasses for a year. And they were pretty banging. And I liked them.

2. And then they broke.
Sean tried to fix them, but they were sadly unfixable. I was sadface. :(

3. New glasses!!

Yayy!! I think I like them better. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm a blogger

So this is my first real post. I finally took pictures backstage and around campus this weekend, and of course I ended up with some ummmm good ones.

1. I has a sailboat.
Greg made this sailboat entirely out of makeup and holes in an empty UG box. He's a budding artist.

2. We're pretty.
The one time I was actually in my costume and makeup before Act II. Only because I was forced.

3. Would you still be friends with me if I looked like this?
Karen and Bri can amuse themselves for hours with this.

4. is my friend, Sean...
...Yeah. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Does that explain it enough? No? *awkward starfish*

5. Skorts are SO coming back in style
Cute, yet comfortable! And when you feel like breaking it down Casey-style, you can just lift up the skirt.

6. You know what else is in style?
Looking like Pippy Longstocking/camp counsler.

7. Ca$h Money
8. I am a little boy (girl) of 5!
Playing with dandilions. Like in 2nd grade. Which apparently, we are still in.
9. Meet Sean's crotch
It is inevitable that if you leave your camera lying around, a picture of Sean's crotch will be on it.