Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moved in!

Well, I’m all moved into college again! I’m thinking this is going to be the best year yet. Why? Read:

1. Senior Year
Well, it’s my senior year of college. Yeah. That went fast. Only one more year of pretending to be responsible until I actually have to be.

I have very mixed feelings about this year. On the one hand, I’m pretty nervous about the actually-graduating thing. On the other hand, this year is going to be amazing. I’m living in a suite with 3 of my bffs, we’ve been friends since freshmen year.

Then and now

*BLOG PLUG AHEAD* Emily of SplendidEm is one of my roommates, and we decided to start a joint blog about the adventures of our suite. Emily just made our first post, you should probably check it out.


2. New internship
In other news, I started my internship at a local magazine yesterday, and I had such a fun time. I had an internship over the summer where I learned a lot, but I didn’t have nearly as much fun as I did yesterday. I went to a couple photo shoots, proofread a little, wrote some copy, did a bunch of things. I really like the people I work with too, they’re really nice.

harrisburg mag

3. Hardly any classes
Since my internship counts for credits, I will only be taking 8 additional credits this semester. That’s two regular classes and two 1-credit classes. Yup. Easy peasy. And it seems like I won’t have too much homework either. Yay!

thumbs up

Happy new school year!

For the comments: If you’re in school, what are you looking forward to this year? Also, check out the new blog! http://del206.blogspot.com. Emily and I will love you forever.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look what I did! Look what I did!

My mom picked up these shelves from a yard sale one day.


I knew I’d need them for my room this year, but they were this ugly shade of brown. Sooo, I went to Lowe’s and bought some blue spray paint and painted them!


I was going to just keep them like this, but I got an idea from this blog I read (she was actually painting a cabinet blue too) to put some paper down on the shelves. Finished product:

DSC06980 Voila!

Ps, it’s wrapping paper.

DSC06976 Bah ha ha ha.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

St. Michaels, MD

For my aunt’s 60th bday, she wanted to go somewhere, just the girls, and picked St. Michaels, MD.


1. The Group
“The Girls” is a small group comprised of my grandma,

DSC06840 Me and my cousin,DSC06841 And my mom and aunt.DSC06790

2. The Hotel
We went for a long weekend and stayed at the Harbor Inn.

We had a great view from our room, right into the harbor and all the boats.DSC06859 
3. The Massage
My grandma decided to get my aunt a massage from the hotel while we were there, but my aunt surprised us and offered to get all of us a 30-min Swedish massage.

I had never had a massage before, and it was an interesting experience.  I mean, it was very relaxing and it stopped my neck and back from cracking for days, but while I was getting it done all I could think about awkward the situation was (maybe it was because it was completely silent with relaxing music interrupted by the masseuse clearing her throat every minutes).

It was fun to feel pampered, though.

4. The crabs
When you’re staying in the Chesapeake, it would be pretty much sacrilegious to eat dinner anywhere other than a sea food restaurant. 

Maryland is known for their blue crabs, and they show up everywhere, even in the oysters.

The second night, my cousin and aunt decided to try the blue crabs (which aren’t very blue after they’re cooked…).

It started out just fine, but as they tore apart the crabs more and more, it got pretty….disgusting.


My aunt and Diana did eventually get used to them and ate all 12. I, however, could not finish my chicken parmesan, since ever since I saw the crab guts, everything seemed to have lost its flavor. #seafoodsuxx

5. The conclusion
All in all, St. Michaels is a really really cute town and harbor and is perfect for short get-a-ways.  There’s a downtown area with really awesome shops, none of them chintzy. There was a pool at the hotel, but we never used it, opting to hang out in the room, overlooking the boats and having wine and cheese.  Great weekend with the fam!

DSC06813 Mom, hair blowing in the wind.

DSC06849 How creepy is this?? This was in an ice cream shop.

DSC06861 Grandma talking to a mannequin in a restaurant.
I don’t know why there was a mannequin in the restaurant.

DSC06857My aunt on her makeshift bed, with her “bed extensions.” 
(She didn’t have a bed because we had 5 people staying in the room, instead of the 2 that we told the hotel…Illegal much?)

DSC06842 Me and Di.

DSC06846 Me and Di.

For the comments: Have you ever been to St. Michaels? What’s your favorite place for a weekend get-a-way?