Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks, paps.

EXCITING news in the Twi-dom today: thanks to the paparzzi, awesome new set pics from New Moon have been released!! I have many favorites. And mucho commentary.

1. Praise the Lord

which is what it looks like RPattz is doing...
This pic is ah-mazing. I think this captures exactly what Edward is feeling and thinking the moment before he (thinks he's going to) kill himself.
Plus, omg ABS!! But wait...

2. Real or Fake?
Sigh. Most definitely fake.

3. While we're on Rob (ifyaknowwhatimean... )
"Cootchie cootchie coo!!"
Rob/Edward looks so pale here. Kinda like what we was supposed to look like in the first movie. But didn't. Moving on.

4. What decade are you in, KStew??
I know that the 80's are tres in style ahora, but 90's-grunge cut-off shorts?? Ummmm nope. You kinda look like crap.
Back to the set.

5. Whose hand is this???
Seriously. I'm so confused. If it's Kristin, it's bent at a very wrong angle. But it's not Rob's, because it's def not the same color as his chest and it's not effeminate enough way too big in proportion to his body.

6. Bella jumps into Edward, Take 1.
OMG get this spider monkey off me plz.
I'm impressed. KStew is legit in the air. And gotta love Sleepy/Hangover Rob's "Uhhh...whaaaa?" face. And his feet. Because he would clearly be falling over if the guy behind him wasn't holding him up.

7. Bella jumps into Edward, Take 2.
I like big butts and I cannot lie...
10 pts Rob.

8. I feel like this isn't usually how movies are made.
This is a great pic of the bald guy in front.
I'm pretty sure it's not typical that while you're doing a really intense, serious scene to have crowds of people watching, flashing cameras, just being generally distracting. I kinda feel bad for the actors, it must be hard to pretend that no one else is there.
However, if the set was completely closed, we wouldn't have any super awesome pictures...

9. Nice freckles.
Oh CGI dots, way to ruin a great picture.

10. Sigh.
No witty comment for this one. Too perfect.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Diana is graduated!

This past Thursday and Friday marked my little cousin's graduation!
Isn't she cute?
Whenever this side of the family gets together, awkward and hilarious instances are sure to ensue. This get-together was no different.

1. Ed and his camera
This is a popular occurence at graduations, proms, school plays, and the like. This is Grandma's Ed going to each of the gradutates and taping them saying their name, age, how they know my cousin, life goals and dreams, etc.

This is Diana running to explain to her friends who this strange guy is who is sticking a video camera in their faces.

Here's Ed taking a video of the choir at Baccalaureate.
The choir which Diana is not a member of.
This will be included in the hour and a half long DVD he will distribute to each family, most likely documenting the graduation ceremonies in their entirety.

2. Diana, alone.
During the awards ceremony, the seniors all sat at 2 long tables (there were only 13 seniors) facing the audience. During the choir award, it so happened that everyone at Diana's table was in choir, except for her.
I pointed this out to my mom and aunt, and we started to laugh about it. Then Diana saw us laughing and she started to laugh.
At some point, we all lost control and couldn't stop laughing.
During the choir award.
Which was the longest.speech.ever.
So Diana is trying to turn away so the whole audience doesn't see her laughing, while I'm trying to stop laughing, but can't whenever I look at her still laughing or my aunt and mom crying because they're trying so hard to keep it in.
The speech was probably 10 min. long.
None of us can look at each other, because if we do we know we'll just start hysterical laughing.
Finally, the teacher ends her speech and everyone claps and we just let go.
I love my fam.

3. I love your dress.

4. I present to you Ben Stiller.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Moon poster released

I’ve finally found time to write up a blog post, however I don’t have Photoshop anymore. Thus, the topic of this blog will be one which only requires photoshopping I can do in Paint little to no photoshopping.

The big buzz in the Twilight world is the release of the
1st Official New Moon poster:

Let’s talk about how this time around, the actors actually look like themselves.

1. Rob looks like Rob, not a creepy dead stalker with lipstick on.

Yeah, in the Twilight poster Edward looks a little more like your traditional vampire being pale and all, but he also looks Photoshopped like crazy and looks nothing like Rob.
PS Thank God Edward isn’t hovering anymore

2. Who the heck is this??

I swear they’re not the same person.
PS Yay you can see both sides of her face!

3. Body language rocks

I love the body language of Rob, Taylor, and Kristen in this poster.
Edward looks dejected and sad, knowing he has to make the decision to leave her but still doesn’t want to. This is what I would picture him looking like if he looked back after leaving Bella stranded in the forest.
(However, the choice of shirt?? Hmm…)
Jacob is so Jacob!! He’s tall, muscular, and angry (like always it seems, when Edward is involved). I think it’s perfect; he’s clearly protective of Bella with is arm guarding her from Edward, and you can see in his balled fist and angry eyes that he’s not happy.
And PS thank the Lord he’s not wearing his wig!!!
Bella…you can see she’s relying on Jacob, with how she’s holding on to him for support, assurance, comfort, etc. Her face is kind of blank though, kind of like "I’m sort of pouting to look cute but sort of to look sad." It kinda makes her look like the "weak human," compared to the supernatural guys she’s with, which is good.

4. Warm color scheme

When the new logo first game out for the movie, a lot of people were upset with the change in the color scheme, however I think it’s great. In Twilight, the dominant colors are green, blue, and gray—the vampires can’t go outside unless they are covered, so the movie is mostly shot in the forest or under a cloudy sky.
In New Moon, Edward is gone and Bella is with Jacob most of the time, who does not have to stay out of the sun at all. Sunny days are not a problem, so I’m sure we’re going to see many more of them in this movie, even if solely as a contrast to the first movie. Also, Bella describes Jacob as her own "personal sun;" he is a naturally happy and warm person, and really helps Bella to feel happy again, thus warming her too. Bella’s time with Jacob really does have a different feel, a different temperature to it, than does her time with Edward. One simple example of this is purely sensory: Edward is very cold to the touch, while Jacob’s body temperature regularly runs in the 100’s.

This poster really makes me excited for the movie and confirms my confidence in Chris Weitz, the director. I think this poster matches the feel of the book perfectly; you see Edward making a decision yet regretting it. You see Jacob very protective of Bella and angry when Edward comes back in the picture. You see Bella clinging to the only thing she has left, but you can see in her eyes that she’s still not happy.

and PS...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rob v Chris Pine

For the past, ohhhh, 12 months I have had one main celeb crush.

Robert Pattinson.
R. Pattz.
Spunk Ransom.

Rob and I have had a pretty exclusive relationship ever since I first entered the Twilight fandom, with the occasional blips of

Mr. Darcy

or WALL-E.

However, with pics like


This one conveniently hung right beside my bed. Until yesterday. Sadface.

Rob always managed to pull me back on his side.
Until I met Chris Pine.
Although the sentence “Capt. Kirk is hot stuff” would normally be a paradox, it’s so not anymore. I had never heard of Chris Pine until I googled “hot guy who plays Captain Kirk.”
But now I have been enlightened.

Never mind that he looks like a spit image of my first semester Spanish prof J-Lar (which is kinda creepy to think about…) I still made Mr. Pine the subject of my desktop background.
While I was explaining to the bf why Chris Pine is so hot, Brent asked me:

“Rob Pattinson or Chris Pine?"


The only logical way to answer the question is to face the men head to head in


Rob: 2 years older than me = Close to my age +2
Chris: 8 years older than me =Older men +5

Chris: mature and normal in interviews = -1
Rob: incredibly random and ridiculous in interviews = +8

Chris: says badass lines like “I’ve got your gun” = +5
Rob: says badass lines like “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” = -10

Chris: has a good amount of acting ability = +5
Rob: has….a British accent = +10

Face-off of the "stare":
Chris: confident with gorgeous blue eyes = +5
Rob: bouffant!! = +10

Face-off of the stubble:

Rob: mysterious look with stubble that's not too unruly = + 4
Chris: stubble is good, and he matches = +6

Rob= 24

It was a close one, but it looks like CHRIS PINE wins this round.

Who do you think should have won?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beam me up, Scotty.

I pretty much like three kinds of movies: comedies, romances, and movies that make you think.

I give you My Favorite Movies.

1. Pride and Prejudice

Definitely one of the best love stories of all time. This movie is flawless—the actors are great, the cinematography is beautiful, and the score is amazing.


Best Pixar movie ever. I think I watched this one a few too many times though…But it’s still one of my top 3. The story and score are great.

3. Twilight

Um yeah. I know this movie has its flaws. Too bad.

Under normal circumstances, I’m not really a fan of action movies. I thought Spiderman 3 was boring. The Dark Knight was too long. Ironman was nothing special. However, Friday night I had the urge to see an action movie. No idea why. My friends and I were going go to see The Soloist, but I wasn’t feeling it. My friend Sean didn’t really want to see it either. So we decided to go see a different movie by ourselves.

We saw Star Trek.

I don’t know why I had the urge to see it. I’m no Trekkie, I had never seen the series, I wouldn’t be able to tell you any of its catchphrases if you asked me. All I knew going into it was that the movie had really good reviews on (which is a rarity) and everyone I knew who saw it said it was amazing.

And, it was.

I love submerging myself in fictional worlds, as evidenced by my obsession love of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Host. It’s escapism at its best; you leave the world you know and learn the different rules, customs, and lifestyles of another.

That’s where Star Trek had me from the start—from the very beginning of the movie, you are thrown into another world with its own problems to solve. The element of time travel intrigued me; it had me thinking for days after I watched the movie, trying to go back to the beginning of the movie in my mind to try to see all the clues of what was to come.

While I lose interest in most action movies when the “action” never seems to end, this one still captivated me because it was so character driven.

While the action and suspense never let up, the characters were still developed throughout so that you felt that you really understood their personalities and grew to care about the characters.

Among all of this, the movie was just well made. The score was great; you get goosebumps as the music crescendos with your first view of the Enterprise. The style of cinematography was really cool too—the director, J.J. Abrams, chose to utilize “lens flares” in many scenes, where you see a bright flash of light on the screen. While some scenes include too many of these flares, it gives an ultra modern feel and sometimes they are quite beautiful.

And the actors too!

clicky for maximum badass

Chris Pine as James Kirk was great: cocky, funny, and super hot. Zachary Quinto as Spock was amazing and heartbreaking.

Sigh. The movie is just freaking epic. I still don't know why this movie appealed to me as much as it did.

After Googling/IMBDing/Wikipediaing the movie straight for the past couple days, my friend Sean and I decided we’re going to see it again. Now I just have to wait two days to see Chris Pine again.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why?? Vol. 1 Editing Class edition

Due to the multiple factors of it being the week before finals and my friend needing his computer back (which I am borrowing til my crappy computer is fixed) I was not able to post in a few days. Which made me sadface.
But I'm back!! This post marks the first volume of a reoccurring post theme: Why??
I discuss things that make me question the world.

1. Guy-who-takes-his-shoes-off-in-class
This grosses me out to no end. WHY do you have your shoes off in every class?? Do your feet really need to breathe in this enclosed, no-windowed classroom? And your socks are gross and too big. Put-cho shoes back on, yo.

2. Guy-who-looks-at-man-porn-in-class
clicky for maximum man porn
So this guy sits in front of me. And every single class, he goes to this body building site and reads the articles. About body building. And with the articles, is man porn. Unnatural, gross men flexing their unnatural, gross muscles. Every class. Why??

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clue, the Musical!

This weekend I went home to check out my high school's production of Clue, the Musical. Yes, based off the board game. Yes, it had songs about "knife, wrench, rope, lead pipe, revolver, candlestick." Yes, it was just as corny as it sounds.

But, look at the set.
Gah I'm so jeal. We don't have enough money/space/talent to make these kinds of sets. It was two stories! It had a lounge, kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, and study (just like the boardgame!! Gahhh a musical about a boardgame...).

Here's what the sets in Leedy Theater at LVC look like.
Yay, a tree and two random walls!