Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Moon poster released

I’ve finally found time to write up a blog post, however I don’t have Photoshop anymore. Thus, the topic of this blog will be one which only requires photoshopping I can do in Paint little to no photoshopping.

The big buzz in the Twilight world is the release of the
1st Official New Moon poster:

Let’s talk about how this time around, the actors actually look like themselves.

1. Rob looks like Rob, not a creepy dead stalker with lipstick on.

Yeah, in the Twilight poster Edward looks a little more like your traditional vampire being pale and all, but he also looks Photoshopped like crazy and looks nothing like Rob.
PS Thank God Edward isn’t hovering anymore

2. Who the heck is this??

I swear they’re not the same person.
PS Yay you can see both sides of her face!

3. Body language rocks

I love the body language of Rob, Taylor, and Kristen in this poster.
Edward looks dejected and sad, knowing he has to make the decision to leave her but still doesn’t want to. This is what I would picture him looking like if he looked back after leaving Bella stranded in the forest.
(However, the choice of shirt?? Hmm…)
Jacob is so Jacob!! He’s tall, muscular, and angry (like always it seems, when Edward is involved). I think it’s perfect; he’s clearly protective of Bella with is arm guarding her from Edward, and you can see in his balled fist and angry eyes that he’s not happy.
And PS thank the Lord he’s not wearing his wig!!!
Bella…you can see she’s relying on Jacob, with how she’s holding on to him for support, assurance, comfort, etc. Her face is kind of blank though, kind of like "I’m sort of pouting to look cute but sort of to look sad." It kinda makes her look like the "weak human," compared to the supernatural guys she’s with, which is good.

4. Warm color scheme

When the new logo first game out for the movie, a lot of people were upset with the change in the color scheme, however I think it’s great. In Twilight, the dominant colors are green, blue, and gray—the vampires can’t go outside unless they are covered, so the movie is mostly shot in the forest or under a cloudy sky.
In New Moon, Edward is gone and Bella is with Jacob most of the time, who does not have to stay out of the sun at all. Sunny days are not a problem, so I’m sure we’re going to see many more of them in this movie, even if solely as a contrast to the first movie. Also, Bella describes Jacob as her own "personal sun;" he is a naturally happy and warm person, and really helps Bella to feel happy again, thus warming her too. Bella’s time with Jacob really does have a different feel, a different temperature to it, than does her time with Edward. One simple example of this is purely sensory: Edward is very cold to the touch, while Jacob’s body temperature regularly runs in the 100’s.

This poster really makes me excited for the movie and confirms my confidence in Chris Weitz, the director. I think this poster matches the feel of the book perfectly; you see Edward making a decision yet regretting it. You see Jacob very protective of Bella and angry when Edward comes back in the picture. You see Bella clinging to the only thing she has left, but you can see in her eyes that she’s still not happy.

and PS...


Cell5000 said...

Lol! Angry Eyes.

GardenofEdee said...

I like the poster and it's a lot better then the Twilight one.
I'm excited to see what Taylor does as Jacob and the short hair looks good =)