Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why?? Vol. 1 Editing Class edition

Due to the multiple factors of it being the week before finals and my friend needing his computer back (which I am borrowing til my crappy computer is fixed) I was not able to post in a few days. Which made me sadface.
But I'm back!! This post marks the first volume of a reoccurring post theme: Why??
I discuss things that make me question the world.

1. Guy-who-takes-his-shoes-off-in-class
This grosses me out to no end. WHY do you have your shoes off in every class?? Do your feet really need to breathe in this enclosed, no-windowed classroom? And your socks are gross and too big. Put-cho shoes back on, yo.

2. Guy-who-looks-at-man-porn-in-class
clicky for maximum man porn
So this guy sits in front of me. And every single class, he goes to this body building site and reads the articles. About body building. And with the articles, is man porn. Unnatural, gross men flexing their unnatural, gross muscles. Every class. Why??


GardenofEdee said...

I hate when people take their shoes off. It's so weird. Just wear sandals or something if you want a breeze on your feet.
I can't believe that kid is looking at body building sites like that in class. Gross. I think twice about going to a Twilight or HP fansite because someone might see. LOL

Amber said...

You're hilarious Alyssa. I am constantly taking my shoes off in well basically anywhere. Probably a good thing that we don't have class together, lol. The last one reminded me of a funny story. Curt reads this one site that has girls and guys in really skimpy clothing on the front page. I made a big deal of the girls being in really small swimsuits until he enlarged the picture. Wow, women & guys with really large muscles are just not attractive.

Cell5000 said...

I find it funny that that man-porn website looks like its circa 1997.