Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Scott! I finally saw Back to the Future.

I know I’m way behind on this one (read: 25 years), but hopefully the nostalgic factor will entice you to keep reading.

This post is going to be about Back to the Future, a franchise I had never seen before Monday, September 13 (and 14 and 15), 2010.


I don’t know how this happened; it wasn’t held back from me intentionally and I had nothing against it. I guess the opportunity just never presented itself.

(I had ridden the ride at Disneyworld, if that counts for anything.)

When bff Sean found out I had never seen any of the movies, he promptly picked his jaw up off the floor and declared we would have a marathon-watching.

Monday, Sept. 13: Back to the Future

back_to_the_future Oh my goodness, the campy-ness. I loved it. It seems like the writers just couldn’t help sticking in call-backs to earlier moments in the movie whenever they could, and then putting even more call-backs to the previous call-backs. Seriously, the whole movie is just a freaking circle that just keeps coming back on itself. I loved it.

Tuesday, Sept. 14: Back to the Future Part II


Sigh. This movie. Not quite there. I think this franchise is at it’s best when it goes for the time joke (over and over and over again), and Part II couldn’t really do that…since it was set in the future. #fail

One thing I did love was just how wrong the writers were about the future. If only we would have the technology of flying cars and self-adjusting jackets in 5 years. Sigh.

Wednesday, Sept. 15: Back to the Future Part III


First of all, I love how the movie starts with the scene we’ve seen about 5 different times from different angles: Marty’s attempt to leave 1955 during the storm. They obviously didn’t take into account the 20-something college student who never saw the movies watching all three back-to-back and remembering where we left off. #fail

All in all though, this movie was great. They went into the past again (#win) and were thus able to make time joke on top of time joke on top of time joke, even continuing jokes from the first movie. So great.

With this one, it seemed like the writers had a game going trying to make viewers think “Oh my god, I know how this is going to end” as many times as they could, as early in the movie as they could.  I think I had the thought about 6 times, although credit goes to the writers to making me think of a different conclusion each time.

In conclusion, I loved the series. So much campy, cheesy, punny, oh-my-god-they’re-going-for-that-joke-again awesomeness.

…And next up: Indiana Jones.

For the comments: How do you feel about Back to the Future? What series do you love that I need to see?