Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Johnson

So. Last weekend Brent, my cousin Diana, and two of her friends went to Camden to see Jack Johnson!

To be honest, by the time of the concert Brent and I weren’t really feeling like going.  We hadn’t listened to Jack Johnson in at least a year, and could have really used the money we spent on the other tickets for other things.

However, we weren’t able to sell the tickets, so we still went.

DSC06751The day was gorgeous. We had lawn seats, which were kinda far back, but we knew we wouldn’t really be able to see him.

DSC06763Turns out, Jack Johnson is amazeballs in concert.  And amphitheaters in the summer are the ultimate ultimate way to see him perform.

DSC06771DSC06771 edit  I’d never been to a concert where there were so many people actually dancing to the music. It was so fun and chill—everyone was singing along and dancing.

DSC06768The atmosphere was just perfect. Aside from all the pot everyone and their mother seemed to be smoking.

DSC06782 Usually after a concert, I’ve had music overload, and I don’t listen to the artist for awhile to get some space from them. This is the first concert where the concert made me want to go home and listen to his music more.

If you are or once were a Jack Johnson fan, see him in concert asap!

For the comments: Do you like Jack Johnson? What’s your favorite concert that you’ve been to?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That other Twilight movie

Let me take you on a Twilight trip through time.

November 21st, 2008, 12:01 am: Me and some other Twilight fan friends drag a group of about 12 to see Twilight at the midnight showing.  I was in love with the books and absolutely couldn’t wait to see the movie. I recall numerous Facebook statuses about it.

November 20th, 2009, 12:01 am: I desperately want to go to the New Moon midnight showing, but I have a trip to Amsterdam planned for early the next morning. I didn’t go to the midnight showing, but I did see the movie as soon as possible. And wore my “Team Edward” t-shirt and Twilight-themed pins.

June 30th, 2010, 12:01 am: Theaters all over the country are holding midnight premieres for Eclipse. And I don’t care.

What could change so fast? In the span of a year and half—no, more like 7 months, I went from being an avid fangirl, checking six different Twilight fansites daily and watching any interview on Youtube, to just reading the twitters, occasionally watching a random interview, and not even caring about going to see the midnight premiere.

Somewhere along the line, Twilight made me hate it.

I’ve known from the beginning that the books aren’t the best quality, but there was still something appealing and fun about them, and I legitimately enjoyed reading them.  When the movies started being made, every piece of news was so exciting, because my favorite characters were coming to life.

Now, Twilight is so oversaturated. They’re pumping out movies like there’s no tomorrow, you can’t walk into a Borders without being inundated with Twilight merchandise, and you can’t turn on the TV without Burger King telling you that it’s time for Bella to make a choice.

I don’t get excited when a see a TV spot for Eclipse.  I wasn’t waiting in line to see the first midnight showing of the movie. I didn’t even see it the next day, or the next. I just don’t care enough.

However, I still care a little. I’ll be seeing Eclipse tomorrow night with mis amigos. I’ve heard it’s good, but it’ll have to be pretty darn good to revive the fangirl in me.


I’ll keep you posted.

For the comments: Do you like Twilight? Do you hate Twilight? Have you seen Eclipse, and what did you think?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

HHI ’10

Somewhere along the line in the past two/three weeks, I completely forgot to make a post about Hilton Head.
My family has been going down to Hilton Head Island, SC, for over 20 years. We kinda like it.
We’ve started this thing where we go down every other year in June with the rest of my mom’s side of the family. We has good times. Here are the highlights.
1. Biking in the AM
Every morning Brent and I would go on a morning bike ride around the plantation or on the beach. We try to be healthy. It was fun.
2. Go beach…
Then the two of us would join up with my cousin Diana and go to the beach. We had these sweet chair-backpacks so that we could carry them when we rode our bikes there.
DSC06588I seriously think they’re awesome, and I know people are envious when they see us walking down the beach with those on.
The water was pretty warm, and if it wasn’t warm, it was just the right temperature to be refreshing.
3. Go pool…
After spending the morning at the beach, we’d go back to the condo, have lunch, make up some drinks, and head to the pool.

It was so hot outside the the only way to be comfortable was to just sit in the pool all day. That’s ok with me though.
4. Go dinner…
Every night we went somewhere different for dinner, like the Crazy Crab,
DSC06603where Brent took this awesome picture,
DSC06624and Japanese.
DSC06547DSC06546 Om nom nom
5. Go to Savannah…
We went to Savannah one day too and took a tour.
We found this really yummy Cajun place called the Bayou Cafe, where I had jambalaya and it was delish.
6. Shelter Cove
Shelter Cove is a cool place where you can see big yachts and eat good foodz.

And of course, Brent and I can't always take srs pictures.

7. Have fun with the family…
Pretty much every day or night we played games like Catchphrase, Dumb Ass, Wits and Wagers, and even Beer Pong. 
DSC06712 DSC06630 Brent attempting to stack cups…
My legally-blind aunt in particular excelled at Beer Pong.
DSC06694 When we weren’t playing games, my mom brought DVDs from when Diana and I were toddlers, which was pretty hilarious.
DSC06579 Guess who!!
It was fun times.
DSC06557 DSC06554 DSC06556 DSC06558
For the comments: Where’s  your favorite vacation place? Do you have a place you always go with your family? Have you ever been to HHI?