Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That other Twilight movie

Let me take you on a Twilight trip through time.

November 21st, 2008, 12:01 am: Me and some other Twilight fan friends drag a group of about 12 to see Twilight at the midnight showing.  I was in love with the books and absolutely couldn’t wait to see the movie. I recall numerous Facebook statuses about it.

November 20th, 2009, 12:01 am: I desperately want to go to the New Moon midnight showing, but I have a trip to Amsterdam planned for early the next morning. I didn’t go to the midnight showing, but I did see the movie as soon as possible. And wore my “Team Edward” t-shirt and Twilight-themed pins.

June 30th, 2010, 12:01 am: Theaters all over the country are holding midnight premieres for Eclipse. And I don’t care.

What could change so fast? In the span of a year and half—no, more like 7 months, I went from being an avid fangirl, checking six different Twilight fansites daily and watching any interview on Youtube, to just reading the twitters, occasionally watching a random interview, and not even caring about going to see the midnight premiere.

Somewhere along the line, Twilight made me hate it.

I’ve known from the beginning that the books aren’t the best quality, but there was still something appealing and fun about them, and I legitimately enjoyed reading them.  When the movies started being made, every piece of news was so exciting, because my favorite characters were coming to life.

Now, Twilight is so oversaturated. They’re pumping out movies like there’s no tomorrow, you can’t walk into a Borders without being inundated with Twilight merchandise, and you can’t turn on the TV without Burger King telling you that it’s time for Bella to make a choice.

I don’t get excited when a see a TV spot for Eclipse.  I wasn’t waiting in line to see the first midnight showing of the movie. I didn’t even see it the next day, or the next. I just don’t care enough.

However, I still care a little. I’ll be seeing Eclipse tomorrow night with mis amigos. I’ve heard it’s good, but it’ll have to be pretty darn good to revive the fangirl in me.


I’ll keep you posted.

For the comments: Do you like Twilight? Do you hate Twilight? Have you seen Eclipse, and what did you think?


Vanessa said...

When I read the books, I flew through them. A few times because I was entranced in that world. I loved it. My sister & I went on opening day for Twilight, midnight for New Moon (complete with matching Twilight shirts) and this year for Eclipse we just did the opening day. I'd say my fangirling is not as intense as it once was. I haven't reread the books for a long time. think that is where I found the best parts. The movies just never live up to the books. I did see Eclipse and don't get me wrong, I did love it & will be seeing it again this Saturday. I hope you liked it though!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I remember all this.
I also remember the time you came across a New Moon poster in the Tube after a night out.

Yeah...I agree. When you gave me all the books to read I legit enjoyed them, especially the 3rd & 4th, and I really did want to see the first 2, but this was more like a "well i've seen the others, so..." It's a little sad when that happens.

I actually thought it was an interesting look into the cinematic depiction of a mentally abuseive relationship.

Anonymous said...

ps. *abusive

pps. SEVEN MONTHS? (since europe)

...where did that time go? Can we go back for a visit?