Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Johnson

So. Last weekend Brent, my cousin Diana, and two of her friends went to Camden to see Jack Johnson!

To be honest, by the time of the concert Brent and I weren’t really feeling like going.  We hadn’t listened to Jack Johnson in at least a year, and could have really used the money we spent on the other tickets for other things.

However, we weren’t able to sell the tickets, so we still went.

DSC06751The day was gorgeous. We had lawn seats, which were kinda far back, but we knew we wouldn’t really be able to see him.

DSC06763Turns out, Jack Johnson is amazeballs in concert.  And amphitheaters in the summer are the ultimate ultimate way to see him perform.

DSC06771DSC06771 edit  I’d never been to a concert where there were so many people actually dancing to the music. It was so fun and chill—everyone was singing along and dancing.

DSC06768The atmosphere was just perfect. Aside from all the pot everyone and their mother seemed to be smoking.

DSC06782 Usually after a concert, I’ve had music overload, and I don’t listen to the artist for awhile to get some space from them. This is the first concert where the concert made me want to go home and listen to his music more.

If you are or once were a Jack Johnson fan, see him in concert asap!

For the comments: Do you like Jack Johnson? What’s your favorite concert that you’ve been to?


Anonymous said...

Actually, you did listen to JJ in thep past year, or were MADE to...the guy driving the bus in scotland played him, ha.

I haven't listened to Jack (voluntarily) in, oh...uh, 2-3 years? Still, if I had the chance to go and it was for mega cheaps, i might do it, esp after hearing it made you like him MORE.

Abi said...

wow, I haven't listened to Jack Johnson in quite some time, either. But this kinda makes me want to pop in his cd...the best concert I've been to, so far would definitely have to be Muse. They are amazing performers & put on the most ballin show!

Vanessa said...

Aww I'm so jealous. I'd love to see him in concert! & it looks like it was a lot of fun too! I've been thinking about getting his new cd. Thoughts? Like it or dislike it?