Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rob v Chris Pine

For the past, ohhhh, 12 months I have had one main celeb crush.

Robert Pattinson.
R. Pattz.
Spunk Ransom.

Rob and I have had a pretty exclusive relationship ever since I first entered the Twilight fandom, with the occasional blips of

Mr. Darcy

or WALL-E.

However, with pics like


This one conveniently hung right beside my bed. Until yesterday. Sadface.

Rob always managed to pull me back on his side.
Until I met Chris Pine.
Although the sentence “Capt. Kirk is hot stuff” would normally be a paradox, it’s so not anymore. I had never heard of Chris Pine until I googled “hot guy who plays Captain Kirk.”
But now I have been enlightened.

Never mind that he looks like a spit image of my first semester Spanish prof J-Lar (which is kinda creepy to think about…) I still made Mr. Pine the subject of my desktop background.
While I was explaining to the bf why Chris Pine is so hot, Brent asked me:

“Rob Pattinson or Chris Pine?"


The only logical way to answer the question is to face the men head to head in


Rob: 2 years older than me = Close to my age +2
Chris: 8 years older than me =Older men +5

Chris: mature and normal in interviews = -1
Rob: incredibly random and ridiculous in interviews = +8

Chris: says badass lines like “I’ve got your gun” = +5
Rob: says badass lines like “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” = -10

Chris: has a good amount of acting ability = +5
Rob: has….a British accent = +10

Face-off of the "stare":
Chris: confident with gorgeous blue eyes = +5
Rob: bouffant!! = +10

Face-off of the stubble:

Rob: mysterious look with stubble that's not too unruly = + 4
Chris: stubble is good, and he matches = +6

Rob= 24

It was a close one, but it looks like CHRIS PINE wins this round.

Who do you think should have won?


GardenofEdee said...

lol Alyssa. lol lol.
I loved that older man got a +5 and that "hold on spider monkey" got a -10. lol
That was really close though...
idk who I would pick. I guess I have to see Star Trek first. I'll let you know =)

Cell5000 said...

Rob: Does angsty, pasty emo girls. +2
Chris: Does sexy, well endowed green women. +a whole lot more than 2

Amber said...

I loved this post. They are both very sexy. Btw, I'm taking one at HACC and one at Ship. I wish they were both at HACC, since HACC is way cheaper, but only Ship offered the one class.