Saturday, May 23, 2009

Diana is graduated!

This past Thursday and Friday marked my little cousin's graduation!
Isn't she cute?
Whenever this side of the family gets together, awkward and hilarious instances are sure to ensue. This get-together was no different.

1. Ed and his camera
This is a popular occurence at graduations, proms, school plays, and the like. This is Grandma's Ed going to each of the gradutates and taping them saying their name, age, how they know my cousin, life goals and dreams, etc.

This is Diana running to explain to her friends who this strange guy is who is sticking a video camera in their faces.

Here's Ed taking a video of the choir at Baccalaureate.
The choir which Diana is not a member of.
This will be included in the hour and a half long DVD he will distribute to each family, most likely documenting the graduation ceremonies in their entirety.

2. Diana, alone.
During the awards ceremony, the seniors all sat at 2 long tables (there were only 13 seniors) facing the audience. During the choir award, it so happened that everyone at Diana's table was in choir, except for her.
I pointed this out to my mom and aunt, and we started to laugh about it. Then Diana saw us laughing and she started to laugh.
At some point, we all lost control and couldn't stop laughing.
During the choir award.
Which was the longest.speech.ever.
So Diana is trying to turn away so the whole audience doesn't see her laughing, while I'm trying to stop laughing, but can't whenever I look at her still laughing or my aunt and mom crying because they're trying so hard to keep it in.
The speech was probably 10 min. long.
None of us can look at each other, because if we do we know we'll just start hysterical laughing.
Finally, the teacher ends her speech and everyone claps and we just let go.
I love my fam.

3. I love your dress.

4. I present to you Ben Stiller.


Diana Lavery said...

Hahahahahahah oh my god
That was great.
And that girl's dress you like- that's my friend Kristen... I'll tell her you like it haha..

Love, Di

Jenn with Two N's said...

I saw you comment over at busy bee lauren and wanted to let you know that paramore/no doubt hit the east coast starting in FL on the 2nd of June (they come to GA on the 5th!!). Just thought I'd let you know. My friend got her tickets for like $10 so you might still be able to get cheap tickets

GardenofEdee said...

Congrats to Diana!

& have fun in Mexico =)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact you call him Grandma's Ed. :)