Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dutchmen Day!!

Yesterday, my friends, was DUTCHMEN DAY!! A little bit about Dutchmen Day.
Dutchmen Day is supposed to be a surprise day of cancelled classes, outdoor games, food, and general fun-ness. Key word being “surprise.”
Here’s the deal with Dutchmen Day.

It’s never a surprise.

While throughout the 2nd semester there are a couple times when rumors start that Dutchmen Day is going to be the next day, there’s usually one night where everyone gets a text from a friend saying “I’m 99% sure tomorrow is Dutchmen Day.”

Monday night was that night.

Sure enough, at 4:00 am Tuesday I got a text from a friend in Student Government saying it was indeed Dutchmen Day. The roommate and I set our alarms for 6:15am.

Here’s another thing about Dutchmen Day. At 6:30 am, Student Govt. goes around with blow horns and whistles to wake everyone up. Those who get to the social quad early enough have the chance of getting a free Dutchmen Day t-shirt.

However, people are crazy about their t-shirts. Hence the roommate and I setting our alarms for 6:15. At 6:15, we put on our sweatpants and sweat shirts (which were already waiting beside our beds…we were prepared) and went down to the social quad. There were already a bunch of people down there.


Dutchmen Day morning is always fun, because you get to see everyone at their finest: bleary eyed, in pj’s, many times hung over. Good times.
We wait in line, hoping we still have a chance to get a t-shirt. At about quarter ’til, the president of student government stands on a chair to make an announcement, saying to know your t-shirt size, get in the right line, blah blah, and oh yeah, “The t-shirts are over at the library.”


About 250 students sprint towards the library, losing shoes, cell phones, dodging people and plants.

I’m sure we looked ridiculous.

However, our sprinting paid off. Roommate and I were 8th in our line for our dorm and got some sweet t-shirts.

DSC06130This is my special face.

We continued later that day with the Dutchmen Day tradition of putting on Dutchmen tattoos.

26830_379265454734_652044734_3823101_8265376_nPS. I’m not sure why I look particularly Asian in this picture…
but I’m not.

We spent the rest of the day playing in the sun!!

83382403PS. Sean is most definitely resting his head on Emily’s breastses.

We ate yummy picnic food!

DSC06132Yay for special faces!!

And played some more in the sun!


And did this:


Our school had a webcam set up, so I called up The Boyfriend and had him screen shot Emily and I!


Can’t see us? Here we are!!

emily and i

The most epic part of the day, however, was the water balloon fight. I hadn’t participated in a water balloon fight since I was probably 6, and let me tell you, if you haven’t either, MAKE IT HAPPEN. There were about 30 people just chucking balloons at each other. We got sufficiently soaked and it rocked.

  26830_379265359734_652044734_3823087_5613418_n         After-the-fight pose

Out of all the pictures taken yesterday, I have a clear favorite. And it is this one.


The end.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. just...beautiful. I heart greg and sarah's faces in the last pic. that is probably my 2nd favorite dutchmen day pic in existence. the first being the one of you me and newman freshman year and i'm the only one looking remotely normal.

ps. thank you for pointing out the placement of his head and linking me in it. I sincerely hope I get a new follower that way.

Mom said...

Ha!Ha! And remind me again - a majority of you are 21? I'm glad to see you enjoyed this as much as, or more than, your freshman year.

Vanessa said...

My school sucks. That is all.