Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cookin with the BF

Ever since my mom bought the BF a cookbook for Christmas, whenever I visit him we try to cook a meal together.
This weekend, we picked chicken enchiladas.

This was no easy recipe. It took us 1 hr and 45 min (and two calls to my mom) to prep and cook these suckers. I must say though…it was worth it!!
We cataloged our process along the way.

brent and chicken Brent shredded the chicken.

me cooking I added some spices into ze dish.

brent trying Brent snuck a piece of chicken.

Since we were making such a Latin meal, we decided to make Latin drinks as well…

mojitos Mojitos!!

sneaking a peek We snuck a peek of the enchiladas in the oven. Om nom nom.

just out of the oven All done! Warm and gooey.

enchiladas Tada! Finished enchiladas, Spanish rice, and mojito!

brent trying enchiladasBrent thought they were yumtastic.

me trying enchiladas I thought they were amazeballs!

Recipe here if you’re interested!


Also, on a slightly related note, Brent was dog sitting a pug this weekend. Her name is Jada. She reminds me of a certain Star Wars character.
jada and nute

The end.

For the comments: My weekend was fun! How was yours? Do you like enchiladas? Do you like mojitos? Do you like pugs that look like Nute Gunray?


Brent said...

My weekend was great and probably quite similar to yours. I love enchiladas, especially the ones we made. I also enjoy mojitos, especially the ones we made.

About the pug, I'm not certain. She's fun, but she makes weird noises and is really high maintenance.

I just nicknamed her Nute. She must get it a lot because she ran to me after I yelled it.

LVC WebTV said...

I think it's adorable that you're turning into a star wars fiend.

Oh, and the dog is not ugly. That is the cutest shit ever.

ps. This is Emily, I'm just too lazy to log out and log back in as myself.

Brittany said...

Ironically, as I was surfing twitter with my first mojito in my hand I found your link to this post.
Sidenote, I found it last night, I'm not drinky-drinking at 11:30 Monday morning.
So yes, I like mojitos. We have an endless supply of mint in our backyard so we made them the old school way. Haha

If you want a new drink to try, make a caipirinha. It's just a whole lime, sugar, lots of ice and rum. Yummy, yummy.

Oh, I dig enchiladas. The ones you made look especially good.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

So much fun! Isn't cooking with your man the bestest? are gorg.

Vanessa said...

I love cooking with Vito. & I need to make those. I've never made enchiladas before but they look scrumptious! & Mojitos?! In love. My best friend's brother makes home made ones with home grown mint and strawberries. To.Die.For.