Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wonderfulness that is NCIS

Tonight, my friends, is the NCIS finale.

ncis 1

I’m going to take this opportunity to enlighten you on the awesomeness that is NCIS.

ncis 2

[Plot isn’t entirely predictable]

Like any crime show on TV, after you’ve watched enough episodes, you kind of get the gist of the formula the show uses. While NCIS has a loose formula—you generally know the first suspect they accuse isn’t the real one—the show is pretty hard to guess.  There’s usually a big twist you didn’t see coming, and the show does a good job of explaining the twist too. 

They also have a good mix of crime-solving and character building. Some shows have episodes of all one or the other, but with NCIS if the episode involves character building, it is always built through solving a crime.


[Mix of drama and comedy]

While it has its fair share of fast-paced action and suspense, one of the great things about NCIS is that it still has humor.  It’s not just silly catchphrases placed here and there either; the characters all have very developed personalities (see below) and thus joke around with each other.  Another thing: the characters are all normal people.  They make normal goofs and mistakes, which are usually funny. Now, this is still a drama crime show, so don’t expect to be cracking up.  It just has a little more humor in it than a lot of other shows in the genre.

abby and mcgee


Definitely my favorite aspect of the show are the characters. My favs:



Gibbs is the father figure of the team, who will never admit how much he cares about the other agents (…which is a lot).  He goes by his gut, has a list of rules he lives by (Rule #22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in Interrogation), and has a troubled past which has recently come back to haunt him, particularly in this season’s finale. I <3 Gibbs.



Ducky (aka Dr. Mallard) always intersperses trivia facts throughout everything he has to say. For example, last night I learned where the term “red herring” came from from him (if you’re interested…British hunters used to drag dead red herrings along fox trails when training their hounds to disregard false scents). He’s the loving medical examiner who likes to have one-sided conversations with the dead people he is cutting open.



Om nom nom. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Commonly refers to himself as Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. And for this I love him.  He is a movie aficionado and is one of the funniest characters on the show. He’s also damn good looking (although I recently found out he’s 41…sad face!! He doesn’t look it…) Love him long time. Maybe because he looks like C. Pine…

cpine Om nom nom.

Watch the finale on CBS tonight at 8pm!

For the comments: Do you watch NCIS? If so, what’s your favorite thing about it? If not, what’s your favorite show?


Brent said...

I do watch NCIS and tonight was interesting. My favorites list would include all of the same minus Ducky. I would replace Ducky with Ziva David.

Brittany said...

Sometimes I watch it, especially if there's a marathon on another channel. I was kinda forced to watch it tonight because the kid that is staying with us for the summer watches it, but it was goood.

I'm a Grey's Anatomy and Office groupie. Though that last guy you have pictured really is worthy of the 'om nom nom.'

Abi said...

I've never watched NCIS and not sure I would get into it that much, BUT my comment has to do with the last guy pictured. (Well, 2nd to last) 41??? That seems phyiscally impossible 31 seems much more like it.

Alyssa said...

Brittany: That's Chris Pine from Star Trek. Sigh.

Abi: I couldn't believe it either, but he was born in 1968 (according to IMDB.com). I feel a little weird having a mad crush on him, but oh well.