Monday, May 17, 2010

Move-In Weekend

This weekend was a big weekend. This weekend I moved in with the BF for the summer!5

After moving in and making some mac n cheese quick for dinner, we went out to a bar a block down to celebrate with $5 fish bowls. And when I say fish bowls, they’re actually fish bowls.

cp1_0514002326 Om nom nom.

Yesterday, we went into Philly to check out where I’ll be going for my one internship.

33Ps, my internship is NOT here. 

We decided to go to the Art Museum while we were there.

2 We didn’t actually go in the art museum, we just sat on the steps for a good hour and took in the view.

And took pics of ourselves.


19 Srs bznss.


Quote from Brent pretty much sums up how we’ve been feeling all weekend:
“You know what’s awesome? You’re gonna be here tomorrow too.” 
Yup! I am :)

My weekend was really fun, how was yours?


The BF said...

my weekend was pretty good.. thanks for asking. the city and fishbowls were both great. they should make ice cubes in the shape of goldfish for the fishbowl.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alyssa and the BF,

When Alyssa's friends (who love the BF too) invade your living quarters for a Fun Weekend sometime this summer, please point me in the direction of the fish bowls. I want this in my life.

Also, before I read the caption on the one photo I thought that was a pic of where you working and was like WTF!

Most sincerely,

Mom said...

So does this mean you're going to start collecting fish bowls?

Vanessa said...

Fishbowls?! I am soooo there. I've never really been around Philly, at least during the day. I need to change this, it looks gorgeous and fun!!