Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three down, one to go

Cannot believe how fast this semester went.  I only have one more year left at LVC, and since I don’t really want to think about that, I’ll share the fun-ness that was my last week on campus!

Since days of the week are pretty much useless during Finals Week, the friends and I didn’t let them stop us from going to the bar. Multiple times.

Wednesday: Cinco de Mayo!

cinco de mayo Got free leis!! Just shows it pays to stay til last call (which was WAY too early, I could have so partied it up for longer).

Friday: Dan’s in town!

dan alyssa and sarahMy friend Dan just got back from studying in Italy, so of course we celebrate.

long islands  Long Island Ice Teas!! Andddd they were only $6. Yup. You heard me.  Andddd Sarah may have snuck my glass (can you even call that a glass?) in her purse for me…so I maybe might have gotten a glass for that $6 too. Shh.

Went out Saturday too, but didn’t take el camera. 

And now…I’m home. Trying to earn some extra $$ before moving to West Chester for the summer with The Boyfriend.

SWAHHH!?!? With The Boyfriend??
Yup, I get to live with his guy all summer :)

chubby bunny

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Vanessa said...

$6?! For something that looks like a pitcher?! AMAZING! I need these in my life. ASAP.