Friday, May 21, 2010

What I’m excited for this summer

I’ve had this post planned for a little, but other things have come up that I wanted to tell you guys about. Because of this, some (most…) of these things have already started. But that’s ok!! Here is what I'm excited for this summer.


cubicle [Not my desk. My desk is way cooler. It has a Mac.]

I’ve now started both internships for the summer, one at a magazine publisher and another with an independent book publisher.  These are super exciting because they’re in the field I want to go in—publishing—and I’ve already learned a lot.  I even have my own cubicle at the magazine publisher!! #excited

Living with the BF

As evidenced by earlier posts, this has already started too. It’s been really fun so far, and we’re learning a lot about each other. Such as, we drink milk like it’s nobody’s business. And, we really enjoying cooking meals together. Also, I am a hoarder of emotion. And the BF doesn’t like when my internal clock wakes me up at 8:00 am and he is definitely not ready to start the day.
we’re working through whatever problems come up and are thoroughly enjoying being grown-ups and living on our own.16



These haven’t happened yet, and I am super de duper excited for them. First up this coming Wednesday night is…
Greg Laswellgreg laswell BAHHHHHHH I am so freaking excited for this concert. It’s in a small venue which is always intimate and awesome. And I am so completely in love with his music right now, it’ll be great.

Thennn, in July,
Jack Johnson
jack-johnson This one should be pretty good too. I’m not as in to Jack Johnson as I used to be, but he has a new album coming out which will hopefully be good. His music is still great summer music, and it’s an outdoor venue, so it should still be a really fun time.


ncis I introduced Brent to NCIS a couple years ago, and ever since it’s a show we really like to watch together. I’m kind of on an NCIS binge right now, turning it on wherever I can find it on a channel, all hours of the day.  In fact, I’m probably going to write a blog post about it. Because I love this freaking show.
[There’s a marathon on tonight, soooo you know where I’ll be….]

Bar-in It Up

kildares West Chester has a pretty good bar scene. Brent and I have been out a couple times for the different specials they have on (the aforementioned $5 fishbowls, $2-You-Call-Its). Can’t wait for the friendzies to come visit in June so we can go bar hopping!

For the comments: What are you excited for this summer?


Anonymous said...

The frendzies are excited, too! At least this one is! :)
Have fun at the g.l. concert, I don't think I'm gonna make either of 'em. Poo. But I HAVE already seen him. Oh wells.

I totes thought that was your cubicle before I read it and was like OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE A CRT COMPUTER THAT SUCKS.

but you have a mac. yay! like it?

Alyssa said...

Yeah I keep forgetting that I've already seen him too! But only the last song.
Ha I keep fooling you with my pics, sorry!! I like the Mac, it's a little old though and the internet is slow, but I still like it.

Mom said...

What, you're not excited about Hilton Head???????

Brittany said...

Hmmm...I'm mostly excited for Bonnaroo, not so much the camping outside with everyone else but the music for sure. And taking the wee little one to the beach for the first time! Hopefully she doesn't try to eat the sand!

Also, if you need a few tips on places to go in Philly, let me know! There's a bunch of awesome music venues and places to eat that I think you'd like!

Vanessa said...

Let me begin by whining about how you go to all the best concerts. Jack Johnson?! Totally jealous.

Mac's are the best. I have one at work. It is lovev.

Happy Weekend!!