Friday, June 4, 2010

“I hate romance.”

Phew, it’s been a while. And by that I mean it’s been a week and half since I’ve written last which doesn’t seem all that long but by the standards I’ve been writing it’s been a little while.

Anyways. Quick updates!!

[1. We’z Workin]

The BF and I feel very grown up with our internships/jobs. We dress classy.

DSC06456 DSC06496 He looks so grown up and cute.

[2. Calzones]

I made homemade calzones!


I didn’t have flour or a rolling pin, sooooo I stretched the dough with my hands (and it stuck to everything).  Put on some mozzarella/ricotta cheese mix, pepperoni, and ham, and voila!


Cocoons of yummy.


The recipe made…a lot. 16 to be specific. All for just the BF and me!

DSC06502    In the words of the BF: “They’re effing delish.”

[3. Greg Laswell]

The BF and I dressed up all fancy for the concert. Well I dressed up fancy, the BF was just smokin’.

DSC06458 Then we drove into Philly.

DSC06504 We found the venue, which looked like this!

DSC06505For realzies. It was tiny. When all those tables filled up, there couldn’t have been more than 75 people in there. It was awesome.

DSC06520G. Lass!  It was a bangin’ concert. The BF and I were in love.


[4.The  BF finished Twilight]

More on this in another post. His thoughts, in summary:
“I hate romance.”

[5. HHI]

I neglected to mention in my “What I’m Excited for this Summer” post that the fam is going to Hilton Head!

We leave TODAY!! 7.5 hours in the car today, 4 tomorrow. Bah. But it’ll be worth it. The BF is coming and so is my cousin …

and her fam and the g-ma and her Ed and it’ll be funzies!

Catch ya in a week! Unless I have free time and decide to blog. Who knows.


Cell5000 said...

When is Diana coming to visit?

Vanessa said...

You guys are the cutest flippin couple! I love the dressy look!

Mmm calzones are scrumptious!

Hope you are enjoying your trip!!

Anonymous said...

clearly i'm behind on my blogging myself!
cuteness in the dress! is it new?

yum calzones!! and yay being grown up and dressing classy. I'm rocking that too. Totes drank a martini yesterday. Felt very classy.

BV xxxxx said...

hiya im a new follower:)
i just love your blog!
its so personal and cute
those calzones made me hungry though
belle xxxx