Friday, September 4, 2009

My Goals and Aspirations for London

It is now less than a month away until I study abroad in London for the semester and I’ve started to think about what I want to accomplish in my stay over there. Some study abroad students may say their goals are to learn more about themselves while making new friends…and yeah, I would like to experience that, but I have some different goals I’d like to achieve in my stay in the UK. If I successfully complete these, I will be a very happy person.

1. Buy the complete works of Jane Austen

book1 I’m not the biggest fan of Jane Austen, but I do enjoy her novels. I think it’d be awesome to 1. Own the complete anthology of Jane Austen’s novels in one book, and 2. Buy the book in the UK, where the novels were written.

And ok I’ll be honest, I’ve been jealous of Bella’s copy ever since reading Eclipse.

2. Go on a pub crawl


Hopefully I’ll fare better than this.

London’s known for it’s pubs, and it seems like a waste to live in London and not experience an infamous pub crawl. Maybe I’ll get a free t-shirt out of it.

3. Be able to pull off a convincing British accent by the time I come back

bloody hell1

You never know when the skill will come in handy.

Follow the jump for the rest of my goals for London.

4. Somehow manage to see Muse in concert…Even though I don’t have tickets


I was super excited when I saw Muse had shows planned in London while I’d be there, but even though it was like 5 months ahead of time, all the shows were sold out.
I don’t know yet how it’s going to happen, but I am probably not unless a ticket scalper will give me tickets for less than $40 definitely going to manage to see them.

5. Get a tattoo of the London Underground system on my thigh so I can look like Dumbledore

map of tube

Ok not really.

6. Go to the London New Moon Premiere

newmoonpremiere w sign

I WILL be in the front row, and I WILL be holding a “Rob 4-eva” sign

You bet your ask I’m going to stake out the location of the premiere at 6:00am the day of to get a prime red carpet location. Even if I have to suffer much second-hand embarrassment from the surrounding screaming teenage girls.

7. Make out with Rob Pattinson

rob Did someone say make out?

If I play my cards right, I can squeeze in the make-out session and New Moon premiere in the same night.

For the comments: What goals do you think I should add to my list? Should I ask for a “spot of tea” in each restaurant I eat at? Should I say “Cheerio” to every person I meet? What would your goals be?

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GardenofEdee said...

I think it would be awesome to have all of Jane Austen's works in one book but I wouldn't read it. It's to big, I'd read individual and have that also. lol
I enjoyed the Dumbledore reference!
Good luck with Rob =)