Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show & Tell: New Stuff for London

It is now 5 days until I make the big jump over the Atlantic! I’ve been busy these past few weeks shopping for new outfits, shoes, purses, etc, because I’m tired of the clothes I’ve been wearing since junior year of high school.
This is by no means the end of my fashion make-over; I plan on spending a considerable sum in London on new purses, shoes, shirts, etc. However, I need some pieces to start with, so I bought some stuff while still home.
As my mom or boyfriend or past roommates can attest to, one of my favorite things about going shopping is getting to Show & Tell with them afterward!! So I hereby present to you:
My London Purchases Show & Tell!
1. Scarves
Scarves are definitely getting bigger as a fashion accessory in the US, but not quite as big as in Europe. So I bought 3 new scarves. The blue and beige ones are from Old Navy (fav store) and the pink one my mom found in Christopher and Banks. And yes I will most definitely wear all of them at once.
2.  Long Sweater
This is one thing I never saw myself wearing. The girls who came back from London said that wearing leggings and a long sweater was pretty in, but I wasn’t planning on buying that outfit while here.
However, while shopping at Old Navy, I saw it on the rack and wanted to give it a try. And I.love.it. It looks rockin with skinny jeans. Now I just need a big belt to wear around it.
[side note: bought the big belt]DSC01778
Follow the jump for more of my new London purchases.
3. Skinny Jeans
Ok so skinny jeans are my new favorite thing. They are another item that a couple years ago I would have never seen myself wearing. I bought myself my first pair last semester and liked them well enough. Then I bought 3 more pairs this summer and fell in love them. Especially my Levi’s; they are by far my favs. Also, I love how skinny jeans look with flats.
4. Flats
I had a couple pairs of flats, but meh I don’t really like them anymore.
I found this pair at Penny’s and loooove them. They have a good sole, which will definitely be helpful when walking around a lot. And duh they’re superdeduper cute.
5. Chucks
My first pair of Chucks! I was looking for a shoe that would be comfortable to walk in but didn’t look like a sporty sneaker. These are my solution.
6. Bags
Bag on left is a laptop bag. I’m not sure if I’ll actually need a laptop bag while I’m there, but this one was cute and I couldn’t pass it up. Got it at Kohl’s for $35. I may use it as a book bag too, although it’s a little big for that.
Now, about purses. When you go to college, it’s annoying to carry a purse everywhere—and there’s no need—so I’ve just been using a Vera Bradley key chain. Which means that I didn’t have any more good winter purses. That's something I would need as soon as I got to London. So while I was in Hilton Head, Mom and I went shopping on a cloudy day and went to a Belk (which I’d never been to). They had an awesome selection of purses, and I found this one.
Regularly $54, then 50% off of that, then 30% off of that.
I got it for $20. Score. And, I loves it.
7. Jewelry
I bought a bunch of new cool earrings, but my fav piece I got from Forever 21.
It’s an owl!!! I love it.
For the comments: Which piece/article do you like best?
You can still leave a comment even if you don’t have a Blogger account! I’m talking to you, Mom and Brent.


Sarah said...

the sweater is absolutely adorable...and you're right; skinny jeans are the best. flares? boot-cut? nahh, all you need are the skinnies :D

p.s. jcpenney has ones on sale now for $14.

Anonymous said...

owl necklace is my fave :D
and the chucks

Anonymous said...

<3 my faves are the sweater and the belt <3

by the way i just made your "bags" pic the background on my computer. just kidding.

scarves are fashionable, but if you plan on having friends, i'd recommend not wearing them all at once. just saying....
other than that, in all seriousness, these purchases are pretty cool and i hope it puts you in the upper echelon of fashion in london.

-yours truly

Amber said...

Haha Alyssa, I actually had the same issue! I realized that everything I owned was pretty much from high school, so I'm also using London as an excuse for a makeover! Love everything & can't wait to go shopping in London!!! 4 days, holy crap!!!!

P.s. I have a long sweater very similar to that from AE. Love it!

GardenofEdee said...

I can't pull off the scarf look but I hope you can! lol and I love the long sweater I have a couple!

Looks like you are going to have tons of fun and I'm extremely jealous!

Are you and Brent still trying to go to Paris for your anniversary? Because that's freaking adorable.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha yup, you do love show & tell! (but really, who doesn't?)

I tried on those shoes! But they didn't fit, so I got a different pair of black flats & chucks. (chucks? you're wearing chucks? this is new!!)
I'm afraid I'll only be wearing one scarf at a time tho, I guess I'm not cool enough to rock three at once :P

ps. awesome sweater find! I love the buttons on it...I couldn't find a good button down one so I wound up with a tunic-y type one.