Tuesday, September 15, 2009

London and Newburg: A Comparison

I’m am now just under the 2 week mark until a board my plane to London to study abroad for the semester.  This trip will be a lot of firsts for me, for example:

First time traveling to Europe.
First time living in Europe.
First time living in a town with more than 5000 people.

Population of…



Annville 4,518
London 7,556,900

I’d like to take this time to illustrate the differences between the town I grew up in, Newburg, PA, and the city I will be living in in less than 2 weeks, London.

Map picture
Map picture

Guess which one’s which!

1. Area
According to Wikipedia, London has an area of 659 square miles.
According to the latest census, the borough of Newburg has a whopping total area of .3 square miles.

2. Ethnicity
In London, 69.4% of the population is White, 13.1% is South Asian, 10.7% is Black, and 3.5% is of mixed race.
In Newburg, 97.04% of the population is White, 2.69% is Native American (Uhhh, who are you?!?? We haven’t met), and .27% are from 2 or more races.  (Newburg isn’t known for its diversity)

3. Leisure and Entertainment
In London, there are many ways to entertain oneself.  There is the West End (London’s theater district), Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus, endless shopping opportunities, as well as visiting famous historical sites like Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London.
In Newburg, natives enjoying hunting (during the season or in their back yards any time of year), going to tractor pulls (if you have escaped this phenomena, please see here), and going to tractor twang. Another popular attraction—the annual Memorial Day Parade.

4. Transportation 
London has one of the longest and most expansive metro systems in the world.  The city also has a bus transportation system as well as taxis.
Newburg has a wide variety of vehicles one can encounter on the road, including but not limited to tractors, horse & buggies, and Amish men on scooters.

5. Dining
London has about 12,000 restaurants, with everything from McDonalds to Mediterranean to Indian food.
Newburg has 2 restaurants: Johnnies (right off the turnpike, owned by my cousin) and the Newburg Pizza Shop (formerly Newburg Country Store, serves slightly under par pizza).

More awesome facts about Newburg:
The closest gas station is 12 minutes away.
The closest grocery store is 15 minutes away.
The town basically consists of 3 big families, one of which is Bender (ie. my family).
Home of the “Bent & Dent Grocery”, our very own Amish bulk store.

More awesome facts about London:
It’s not Newburg.

Twelve days until I board the plane to England!  Still have mucho packing and preparations to do. I plan on having at least one more post before I leave.


Anonymous said...

ahahahaha omg....this is totally like Reinholds too, though we may be slightly larger in size...like .5 miles. But I might be getting ahead of myself there.

Still, I work in a grocery store with hitching posts. Clearly, London will be different :)

GardenofEdee said...

Lol Alyssa I can't believe this post.

But I'm sure you are extremely excited for London!! I hope (& know) you will have a fantastic time. I'm jealous (wish I didn't get all those AP credits to have me finished with my GenEds... oh well)

Lauren said...

It will be a huge change, but I am positive you will love it! My friend studied in London and it was her favorite experience ever.