Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Official London Post: Pre-Departure

Dear Blog,

I realized today that I had created you to chronicle my trip to London this coming semester but alas, I haven’t actually written anything about the upcoming trip yet. So here it is: the First Official London Post.
I’ve been thinking about how it’ll be like to live in London a lot recently, and I think it’ll be really helpful to be able to picture myself there.

A couple weeks ago me and the other 14 students from my school going to London were emailed with which flat we’ll be living in in London.  We’re all living in Crawford House, in Farringdon. Here’s a bird’s eye view.

Bird's eye of flatClick to see it a little bigger

The website for the flat had some more pictures, including a picture of it from the outside.

  Me and flat
Me and my flat

I seem to be really happy with the living accommodations.

The website for the flat has pictures of some rooms. Here’s the bedroom.

Me in bedroom 
Seems a little small, but it looks like I’ll like it.

One big hurdle I’ll have to overcome in moving to London will be learning to use the Tube (or Underground) system.

map of tube 
Looks really complicated.

me on the tube 
Seems like I’ve got a good handle on it, though.

Ps, this guy is totally checking me out.

guy is looking at me

One of the things I’m looking forward to the most in London is exploring the city.

me in london 
Click to see how much fun I’m having in the median.
Seems like I’ll find some pretty cool places.

And let’s be honest, while a part of my time in London maybe will be devoted to studying, a good amount of my time will most likely be spent in pubs, like this.

me in london pub 
Looks like I’ll be having me-self a good time.

Leaving for London in 32 days! I’m hoping to have some other London-themed blog posts before I go, if I can think of some topics.


GardenofEdee said...

I hope you have tons of fun in London! You have to be soooo excited!!

Although you didn't get your layout to work the banner looks really nice!!

Anonymous said...

love the dude checking you out in the subway.

Anonymous said...

oh & thanks for your comment...yeah, in my memory that's how it works, too...I'm actually more nervous for getting OFF the plane b/c I hear Terminal 5 can be a crazy bitch.

oh well...being surrounded by british accents always makes anything just a teeny bit better :D