Monday, November 9, 2009

Parents and karaoke are fun but Barcelona tennis teams are lamespice.

Chello. I’m using this post to put off doing homework. Hurray!
My parents were here this week, so I was tres busy showing them around, travelling with them, etc, but we had a fun time. We went to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and saw the fuzzy hats.


I also took them to Hastings; it wasn’t quite as nice of weather as the first time I was there, but oh well.

We toured the Tower Bridge, which was pretty neat because it had lots of info about the bridge and about London as well.

We also went to the British Museum which is huuuuuuge and we saw some mummies, including Cleopatra. Let me tell you, mummies are

Even though the rents were here, I couldn’t miss out on Karaoke Night.


Here’s an awesome half-group pic from the tube.

DSC03139 Although I’m not entirely sure where Laura’s other leg is.

DSC031391 Awesome group shot from inside Karaoke.

DSC03166 Ummmz, can we please notice Sarah creepin’ in the corner?

sarah creepin


Before the rents left, they took me out shopping to buy me boots for Christmas.  After about 3 hrs of not even finding one pair I wanted to try on, I found these.

DSC03211 Yayy! Now I won’t be cold and wet when it rains. And they rock because they look great with jeans or leggings.

Update time. Way back when, I wrote a post about my goals for London, and one of them was to attend the London New Moon premiere.  Well lo and behold, Summit has decided to not have a premiere for the movie in London, but just to have a fan event with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Chris Weitz in attendance. The date for the event is November 11….as in 2 days away. The only way to get tickets is to enter contests.
I have entered 3 contests so far. I best be winning one of them. I will keep you updated.

Story time. In the same post as above I mentioned one of my goals was to see Muse in concert (and then proceeded to post a picture of Coldplay….???). Welllll Muse was going to be playing in Spain while Brent was visiting, so we bought tickets! We booked our plane, hostel, everything. We even spent a little extra money to change the flight because it was going to be cutting it too close to the concert.
Well. Yesterday I log into my Twitter and see a tweet from Muse stating that the Barcelona date had to be changed due to a tennis team needing to use the space. We can’t go anymore. I am tres bummed.100_4322

On a lighter note, this weekend we’re making our first big trip out of  England to visit Scotland for 4 days!


We’re taking a train there Thursday then a guided bus tour Friday-Sunday. I’m preeeeeety excited.

Questions for the comments: Where is Laura’s leg? What do you think Sarah is thinking in the background of the picture? What do you think are my chances of making it to a premiere…slim to none, or just none?


Brent said...

laura's leg is nowhere in the picture because she is leaning in. so her other leg is in the air just outside the left part of the picture.

with your luck, i think your chances of making it to a premiere are slim to none.

have fun in scotland.

Brent said...

after second thought, i think laura doesn't have a second leg and you're just not telling us.