Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubble Wrap and Ocean City Hastings

Another week has passed, equally if not more busy than the last.  Classes were all right, not the highlight of my week for sure. They’re a bit ridiculous, really. In my last 19th Century Fiction class, the instructor yelled at a kid, and asked him if he would like to leave for disrupting the class. Seriously, I hadn’t heard of a teacher asking a student to leave since early high school at the latest. We learned from a pub crawl tour guide that London Met doesn’t have the best reputation; I quote:
“It’s where intellect goes to die.”
Srsly, that’s what he said.
Highlights of the week
1. Cymbeline
My theater class got to see another show this week, Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. The instructor gave us a looooong synopsis (it’s impossible to give a short synopsis of a Shakespeare play) and I looked the play up on line, and it was SO much easier to understand when I knew what to expect. The show was put on by the National Youth Theater, so that was really cool because everyone was under 21.  Only thing I’m confused about was the poster.image I can assure you, there was no girl wrapped in bubble wrap in the production.

2. Hastings
The day before, I was talking to a girl in my theater class, and she told me she had just been to Hastings and it was beautiful. Plus, the train ticket had been £10 return (round trip). Talked it up with everyone, and we decided to go the next day. We even found tickets for £7.50.
And let me tell you.
Hastings is awesome.
DSC02661 It’s right on the British Channel, which was cool to see. It also has the remains of an old castle built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. The town is nestled in between two big hills, one of which has the castle and the other has a 606 acre park.
DSC02678 The weather was beautiful, which made it awesome.  The beach was really stony, and of course we had to take pictures on it.
DSC02615 After walking through the town for awhile and relaxing and reading in the park on the hill, we found a coffee house to take afternoon tea.
DSC02701 I ordered a pot of tea with a tea cake (flaky biscuit thing with nuts—toasted, butter, and jammed). OM NOM NOM so tasty.
3. Jamie & friends visited from Spain
Jamie, a friend from college back home, is studying in Spain right now, and she and her two friends (one LVCer and one not) visited London for the weekend. It was really fun to see her and we all went on a pub crawl the last night she was here.
DSC02753 Pic with the pub crawl guide
And ps, if you’re wondering…
creepers I don’t know these people.
4. Chop Chop Noodle Bar
We found this cheap-o noodle bar near King’s Cross station and tried it one night and it rocked. Sarah and I went back and decided to order something we had never had before: a bowl of Chinese flat noodle soup. Kind of looked like this:
image But without the dumplings. We get served, and we’re kind of staring at it…we don’t really know where to start. Then this little oriental lady beside us asks
“Do you know how to eat those?”
And of course we don’t. She proceeds to explain that you use chopsticks to pick up the long noodles to set in the spoon so that it doesn’t burn your mouth, then eat them from the spoon.
Like we could have figured that out ourselves.
It worked, and the little lady was sweet, telling us to enjoy our meal. And we did. It was sooo filling, neither Sarah nor I could finish our whole bowl of soup, which was only £3.90. Hooray for cheap meals.
5. Rainbows and R. Pattz
On Sunday, we went on a trip to the Cotswolds with ISH.
image Cotswolds is a region known for rolling hills and buildings made out of Cotswold stone.
Got to see a lot of the English countryside on the tour, which was pretty cool.
Also, saw an awesome rainbow.
DSC02786Highlight of the trip was visiting a store and finding this gem. Can you spot it?
DSC02802  Srlsy?
rob sketchSo second-hand embarrassed.
 Another week of classes await, and then on Saturday the ‘rents will be here!! I’m tres excited to show them around and go on trips with them. I have the whole week planned, can’t wait!


Your Mum said...

Your 'rents are anxious to see you and London also. Can't wait.

Brent said...

Hastings looks really cool. If I had more time in London it looks like it would be a cool place to visit.

If you would have bought that robert pattison drawing, I don't know what I would have done. NO HOMO but he looks better on paper than he does in Twilight.