Monday, October 19, 2009

Tower, Karaoke, Harrods, Hampton Court, Fun-ness.

Another week down in London! Started off on Monday visiting Tower of London with Sarah and Wes.
DSC02351 This was pretty neat, since the first part of the tower was built in 1078.  It continues to amaze me how old  everything is over here.  We went inside and toured around; saw the crown jewels and some armor used by Henry VIII.  All in all though, I was a little disappointed with the trip.  The tour was only about 30 min long and while it was really informative it was way too short.  It was still a neat thing to see since there is so much history there.
Then came classes on Tuesday and Wednesday (booo). Tuesday we visited the National Gallery with my art class, so that was neat. I’d never actually been in a gallery to see original works of art, so that was cool. The journal we have to keep for the class is a little annoying…500-800 words per visit. Wednesday my theater class went to our first show, “Miss Julie,” which was outside of London. You’d think the teacher would MapQuest where the theater was, right? She didn’t. We all ran around this town asking anyone we passed where the theater was. We got there on time, eventually, and the show was interesting.
Thursday night we got to see another show (fo free) called “An Inspector Calls.”  The set was awesome; it included a house that literally turned itself over, making all the dishes and such inside crash on the stage.
And of course, you know what Thursday night means….
DSC02404 The most classy picture of the bunch…
Brought some new (American) friends there which was fun. We sang “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi, and I’m pretty sure we rocked the house. Great times were had.
On Friday, Mark, Rachel, Sarah and I went to Harrods, which is a big Macy’s-like department store in London.  We found a fur jacket worth £17,000, along with some other interesting stuff.
1. Ridiculously overpriced bear
DSC02432 As Mark pointed out, this stuffed bear is worth more than a week’s tube pass on the London Underground in Zones 1 and 2. It was £75.
2. Edward Cullen
DSC02431 I’d like to know when Edward grew out his hair. I’d also like to know when he became creepy as ish.
3. New Moon awesomeness
While in the children’s book section, I found the New Moon movie companion and skimmed through it. And by skimmed through it, I mean I studied every picture on every page. And found this gem.
DSC02434 K. Stew’s cross-eyed!
To round out the week, Sarah, Mark, and I took a day trip to Hampton Court Palace, which was the official residence of King Henry VIII (they are all about him over here) and other royalty. This place was rockin.
DSC02461 From inside Hampton Court Palace
DSC02455We be rockin’ dem audio tours
DSC02522Throne and chandelier
DSC02508 Elaborate paintings in one of the rooms
DSC025141 Ummz, what the eff are these??
DSC02531A toilet!
DSC02548Balanced the camera on a statue for this one.
That rounds up Week 3! I don’t have any big trips planned for this weekend (all my trips are in November), but will definitely take the time to see more of the city. Until next time (which will probably be next Monday, at this rate…), cheers!
For the comments: What are those nymph things in that painting?!? Kthnxbai.


Your mum said...

Nymphs with implants???????

B-rent said...

your pictures look sweet.
i specifically like the headphone pic.
And the nymphs photo is exactly what your mum said above.
have you had any rob pattinson sightings yet other than that doll?

alyssabender1 said...

Nymphs with implants sounds like a reasonable conjecture.
And noooo I haven't had any R. Pattz sightings yet. He's in Vancouver right now anyways.
I'm not a creeper.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the New Moon fan event though ;)