Tuesday, March 16, 2010

R. Pattz can act!

Hold the phone.

This past weekend, some gf’s and I saw Remember Me (Emily wrote up a good review here).


In the movie, Rob Pattinson plays a moody, anger-issues, drinks-and-smokes-too-much kind of guy.

Many would say this is not much of a stretch.


However, R. Pattz is not really a moody, angsty guy.
He’s more of a he’s-so-out-there-what-the-eff-is-he-talking-about kind of guy. Take this vid, for instance.

So…I guess he actually acted the part pretty well!

While I’m still not completely sure what I think of Remember Me (I waiver between absolute detestation and complete adoration on a daily basis), I can say that it did nothing but foster my infatuation with R. Pattz.


For the comments: Have you seen Remember Me? What was your reaction? How do you think Rob did?


Vanessa said...

Saw it, was in awe, was blown away, absolutely LOVED it! I like Rob better in this role than as Edward. Mmm yes, quite the hottness!

Anonymous said...

giiiiiirl you gave me props. thanks, yo. :)

I also waver between, if not absolute detestation, great dislike and a feeling of "dude. cool movie."

I still think what they did at the end was wrongsies.