Monday, June 8, 2009

Name That Thing!

Because there is lots to be done this week since coming back from MEXICO, I don’t have the time quite yet to give you a proper post on the trip.
It’s coming. Don’t worry.

As a holdover, I present to you a new game I made up 5 min ago.

Name That Thing!

bathroom Clicky to see the sign in all it’s glory.

This sign was found outside the bathroom in my plane flying from Dulles to Atlanta.

Does the symbol in the middle represent:
a. A microphone
b. A toilet paper roll
c. A glass (whenever it’s full, the bathroom is occupied. Whenever it’s empty, the bathroom is available)
d. A vanity (sink and and mirror)
e. A toilet
f. Other _________________


Anonymous said...

d, but also f. because when i saw it it look like one of those shop flashlights. Not sure how that would apply to a bathroom, though.....

Anonymous said...

that's so weird. I'll have to go with d, but I hope it's c...that would be too funny for words.

alyssabender1 said...

Haha Kathryn I totally see the flashlight.
And Em, before my mom, dad, and I figured out it was probably a toilet, my dad was legit trying to convince us it was a glass that when full meant the bathroom was occupied.

GardenofEdee said...

Yeah, I'd guess toilet. What else would it be to indicate the bathroom? But this was funny/a fun game! lol

Anonymous said...

ha, it's still really weird. I love the fact your dad was trying to convince you it was a glass, haha...

ps. how do you like the Joy Luck Club?