Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mexico or, The Alcohol I Drank There

It’s tough coming back from vacation. After a week of doing absolutely nothing but reading, sun bathing, drinking and clubbing, and relaxing, it sucks to get back to doing nothing but working.
I posted a bunch of pics from Mexico to my FB, which can be found here. However, since I am still under the legal age of drinking in the states, I couldn’t post all the pictures or write all the commentary I wanted to.
This blog seems like the perfect place to do it!
We’ll start off with a basic overview of the place.

1. Villa Magna in Nueva Vallarta, MexicoDSC00659 This is the condo where we stayed. It was beach and pool front and amazing. 5 bedrooms and each room had a view of the ocean.

2. View from my roomDSC00613 Yup. Took this leaning out of my bedroom window. One of my favorite things about this beach was how you could see the mountains in the distance on either side. The pool was also awesome. It’s all pretty much one depth, just painted to look different. It was also an infinity pool which was awesome.

3. The pool
Yeah, this was a pretty nice place. There were 3 pools between the condos and adjacent hotel. And a little island you could sit on. It got really windy here in the afternoon, though.

One great thing about this vacation was the great restaurants we went to. Each one was outdoors, and each one claimed to have the best margaritas in Vallarta. So we tried them all.

Restaurant #1: Playing it safe with Rum and Coke

4613_88025611861_674621861_2412073_3797846_n This is Fajita Republic and the food was amazing. I wasn't brave enough to try a margarita.


Restaurant #2: Starting off easy with a Strawberry DaiquiriDSC00709Again, I didn't try the margaritas but everyone else did. The daiquiri was good, as was the food again.
After we ate the waiter came up and said “Free shots on the house!! How many??”
So Di and I look at each other.
And we promptly raise our hands.
The waiter brings out 4, gives one to me, one to Diana, and one each to Grandma and her Ed.
Shots with the G-ma
Unfortunately, G-ma gave hers away to my dad.
I, however, did not give mine away.
Complete with lime as a chaser
After the shot, I went on to take pictures of me and my mom, me and my dad, me and my cousin, etc…
The shot had nothing to do with the influx of pictures…

Restaurant #3: THE Margarita
When we went to Malecon, we went to a restaurant called PiPi’s, which was known for its maragaritas. Hence:
So we all ordered one.
This is what they brought out.
These margaritas were GINORMOUS! And only

DSC00892 Om nom nom nom
By the end of the meal, Diana had finished hers. The effects are evidenced in the following pictures.




10 pts Diana

After this, we went clubbing here:


which was awesome.
And took drunk pictures like these:


which was awesome.
And the next day worked off the effects of the margaritas, shots of tequila, rum and coke/Corona by looking at views like these:


which was awesome.
Can’t wait to go back.
I have more stories, but not enough time to write about them now. They include drunk 28 year olds from Spain pouring alcohol on their faces, hanging out with 2 guys from Mexico (Diana got to practice her Spanish a lot...), among others. I’ll save those stories for another time.


brandi milne said...

mmmm, huge drinks = great times!!

Anonymous said...

can i just say how much I love the fact you refer to Ed in possessive in relation to your grandma? makes my day.

That and those margaritas. Diana, you are a champ.

GardenofEdee said...

Looks like a great time Alyssa! I'm glad you had fun!