Friday, April 22, 2011

Pros and Cons of the Last 3 Weeks of College

Cinco de Mayo
Sure-to-be-epic Thursdays (e.g. Cinco de Mayo)
Nice weather (hopefully) to sit outside and hang with friends
More guitar jamming sessions
Crossing things off our bucket grilling at Mt. Gretna and wine tasting
Senior week & all the fun things that go along with it
English department partay
That much closer to going to Aruba
That much closer to going to NYU's Summer Publishing Institute
That much closer to getting out the real world and seeing what I end up doing and where

Finals week
The last Thursday night out
The last chicken finger Thursday
The last everything
Saying good bye to everyone
Moving out for the last time
Leaving LVC for the last time
Not being sure about what the future holds general.


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Mark Rosborough said...

i like this, but i don't want to think about these things. i want to give up on school and just hang out for three weeks straight haha. imgladwe'rebestfriendsagain.