Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Help

So Shutterfly.com is doing a fun promotion just for bloggers: Blog about their awesome Christmas card collection, and get some of said Christmas cards fo free! Problem is, I need your help picking which one is best.

In order to help me pick, I’ll provide you with some sample pictures. I figured I’d be nice and offer them up as family Christmas cards to my mom, so these are pictures of my family.

While I’d love to use this picture,

silly faces

Mom would probably want to use something more along these lines…


Or perhaps a new one taken in winter, and not summer, clothes. You get the idea.

Option # 1: Pretty Poinsettia

card 1

I love the little designs at the bottom and the fact that it opens up.

Option #2: Peppermint Gift Wrap

card 2

Cute idea with the stripes. I also like the font.

Option #3: Confetti Flowers

card 3

I love the little flower things. And the colorful “Merry Christmas.”

Option #4: Elegant Cranberry Damask

card 4

I love me some damask. And the cursive. And the cute kids. But they don’t come with the card.

Help me out! Which design do you like best? Also, if you’re a blogger, here’s the link to the promotion!


Brittany said...

I think the black and white picture that you have works just fine...unless you got a cute family photo at Thanksgiving. Then go for that.

As for the layout options...I like the last one the most. Especially with a black & white photo.

Thanks for sharing this!

Abi said...

Love the first and last options! They're so pretty & elegant looking!

Brent said...

I think you should choose the first one. It looks nice and it opens up which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Alisa said...

i like #3!!