Thursday, January 7, 2010

Modern Family

So let’s talk about my new favorite show.

Modern Family


I realize it’s already halfway through it’s first season, but as I was in the UK for 3 months, I’m a little behind on US pop culture.

The show follows three different families: a sometimes dysfunctional 2 parent 3 kid family, a multicultural family, and a homosexual family, all in a quick half hour format.

So. Why this show is awesome.

1. Mockumentary format

It’s one of the reasons The Office is so funny—characters react and sometimes interact with the cameras, and you get more inside the character’s head with “confessionals.” As with The Office, characters in Modern Family will sit down in front of the camera by themselves or with other members of the family,and confide their side of a story or situation.  These always provide funny quotes.

2. Awesome characters

With 6 main adult characters and 4 main kid characters, there are many personalities to draw from.  Favorites:



Phil is the dad of the Dunphy family and is amazing. He is kind of the Michael Scott of Modern Family, but you never hate him.  He is usually entirely clueless and is definitely an 8 year old at heart. Phil typically has the best lines of the show.


imageLuke is Phil’s son and is probably the quirkiest character of the show—from shots showing him jumping on a trampoline with nothing on but boxers and a bag over his head,  to deciding he might like a belt for his birthday because the electrical cord around his waist just isn’t cutting it anymore. He is the neglected child of the Dunphy family whose birthday is nearly always forgotten, but Luke doesn’t really know better. He has some great lines and is just cute.

3. Cute lessons in the end

While this show is a comedy, it is ultimately a show about family. No matter what antics the characters get in, by the end of the half hour it is all neatly wrapped and shows how important family is to each character. The show always has a feel good ending.

Here’s a clip from last night’s show to give you an idea what the show and my fav character Phil is like. 

Modern Family is on ABC Wednesdays at 9pm.

For the comments: What’s your favorite new show this year?


sDeffley said...

Hahahahaha. Nice clip.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I've never watched this show but I've heard it is hilarious! I'm going to have to check it out!

My new fav show this season is Glee. Surprise surprise. 8)

Iva said...

I have heard so many hilarious things about this show!! I totally need to actually see it in full at some point!! HAHA!!

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

colleenroselle said...

I LOVE Modern Family.