Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Awkward Photos of Alyssa, Pt. 1

After an extremely long time away from the blogosphere, I’m happy to say I’m back! This summer has been a pretty busy one for me, leaving little time to blog. However, I had to make time for this post.
Recently, I came across a pretty amazing site called It is quite possibly one of the best sites I’ve ever seen (being surpassed only by TFLN and/or Letters to Rob). While browsing through the awkward and amazing photos, I became inspired. Particularly by pictures like this:

or this:

So one Saturday afternoon, I went through a couple family photo albums to look for my most awkward photos. I hereby present to you…

Awkward Photos of Alyssa.

1. Where’s the fire?
Can we talk about how lonely I look in this picture? Let it be noted, I am wearing a Barney raincoat. And rain boots. When it is clearly not raining. If there is a fire around though, I am so ready.

2. Fun party
Waitin for the party to start. Me and Tigger sure look like we’re having a good time.

3. Flying off to Never Never Land
Diana and I (yes, she was once shorter than me) acting out Peter Pan (…and his girlfriend?). Knowing us, we probably made up a song to go along with it. Also, I don’t recall ever owning Robin Hood-style lets-hunt-and-gather-in-the-woods boots. Apparently, I did.

4. Oh, candid photos
Nice Dad-stache, Dad.

5. Can’t forget about Mom…
Yup. The hippo in a tutu is most definitely my mom. And she most definitely wore this to work.

6. Timer didn’t work quite right.
Let’s note 1. the Dad-stache making another appearance, 2. the dead-pan looks on everyone’s faces, 3. the empty spot on the couch which inevitably means the photographer thought he was setting the timer button, so that he would have approximately 5 seconds to run around the tripod and take his seat at the couch…but he hit the wrong button.

7. Let’s embarrass Diana again.
I’m baffled that my aunt doesn’t seem more concerned that Diana is leaning at an outrageous angle.

8. And the grand finale… ...

Stayed tuned for Awkward Photos of Alyssa, Pt. 2
(which may or may not ever come).


GardenofEdee said...

Hilarious Alyssa. I think I may go through some old pictures now. It's always a fun time.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha I love that site & forgot about it so thanks for the reminder :D
and I love the dad-stache. My dad still has one. But he lost his lumberjack beard, which he had in the Awkward Photos from my childhood.